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 General Museum Hours: Friday - Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm   

 $5 per person, and children 8 and  under are free.


Loom Beadwork Demonstration presented by Joy Tonepahhote
May 11, 2024 * 10 am - 4 pm               

Joy Tonepahhote beadwork_edited.jpg

Native American beadwork, like quillwork before it, is a decorative art form.  Almost as soon as seed beads were available, native women invented techniques for using them.


Joy Tonepahhote is a contemporary beadworker from the Kiowa Tribe of Anadarko, Oklahoma and the Guaymi Maya people of Conquito, Panama.  She comes from a respected lineage of Southern Plains bead artists (her grandmother was Massalena Ahtone) and combines her deep iconographic knowledge of Plains culture with U.S. pop culture imagery and materials.  Joy is an artist who is deeply informed about contemporary social and economic inequalities, especially through her career in social service, and is committed to making affordable objects for Native people, as personal adornment and powwow regalia.  Her work has been shown in many cultural institutions, including the Hayes Center of the Smithsonian, the Indian City USA Cultural Center, and is currently on display at the Museum of Indian Culture.

Joy will be demonstrating throughout the day on May 11th, 2024.  Admission includes demonstration and museum tour: $5 per person and children 8 and under are free. 

Artifact roadshow
May 18, 2024 * 10 am - 4 pm               

Ulmer stone 7_edited.jpg

Do you have a box of arrowheads stashed in your closet?                                  Now’s the time to dust it off!


Talk one-on-one to our curator, Roy Knieriem, and learn how old your artifacts may be, who made them, what they are made from, how they might have been used, and how they tie into local history.  Past Roadshows have uncovered a rare winged bannerstone and an ornamental jasper knife.            Could one of your artifacts be the one to stump our curator?


No appointment is required, and no object is too small or common.   Even the crudest arrowheads are part of our region’s story!    Admission includes a full museum tour: $5 per person, children 8 and under are free.

flintknapping Demonstration presented by Rich Poirier
June 8, 2024 * 10 am - 4 pm               

flintknapping pic (1).jpg

So what is Flintknapping? ….

Flintknapping is the process of reducing large cores of raw stone in a controlled manner with special tools to produce sharp projectile points or tools. Natives of North America have produced the finest flint and jasper projectiles and blades in the world. These pre-historic artists are the inspiration for modern day flintknappers.


Now is your chance to see how this ancient and highly specialized process.   Flintknapping veteran Rich Poirier will demonstrate this process of using percussion flaking techniques to make a biface or arrowhead from raw flint.


Admission includes demonstration and museum tour:                    $5 per person, and children under 8 are free.

flintknapping workshop presented by Rich Poirier
June 15, 2024 *  4 pm  -  6 pm             

arrowheads flintknapping.jpg

Learn how to make your own arrowheads from local stone - an ancient skill mastered by Native Americans thousands of years ago!

Veteran flintknapper, Rich Poirier will walk you through the step-by-step process of using percussion flaking techniques to make a biface or arrowhead from raw flint.

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44th Annual Roasting Ears of Corn Festival
August 17 & 18, 2024
Save the Date!
please note:  Museum is not opened during this event.
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