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Three Sisters


American Indian Food Assistance Program                                   Sponsored by the Museum of Indian Culture



Daily life can be unbearable when you and your family live in a run-down poorly insulated trailer, your food is being cooked on a hotplate, and the only running water is outside.  The Museum of Indian Culture has located federally recognized American Indian families who live in these conditions right here in the Northeast.  


Over the past 7 years, Three Sisters Harvest, the Museum of Indian Culture’s supplemental food assistance program, has been disbursing food to American Indian families living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Currently there are more impoverished American Indians who not only need food assistance, but have a difficult time without it.


We are often asked how can we help.  We accept non-perishable food items, Wal-Mart gift cards, and monetary donations.   When considering a food donation, please refer to the list below.   Since diabetes and heart disease is a growing problem among Native Americans, Wal-Mart gift cards are used to help purchase fresh meats, vegetables, and dairy products to those with special dietary needs.  We also accept monetary donations for emergency heating, replenish non-perishable food supplies, and Wal-Mart gift cards, and baby formula. 


If you have any questions, about the Three Sisters Harvest program, please contact Pat Rivera, executive director,                 at (610) 797-2121 or email

The following Food and Misc. Items are recommended:

Canned Meats:

Chicken, Tuna, Corned Beef, Ham


Canned Soups, Stews, Pastas

Cream of  Broccoli Soup

Cream of Chicken Soup

Tomato and Chicken Soup

Beef Stew, Chili, Ravioli


Baking Needs:

Flour,  Corn Meal,  Yeast

Instant Biscuit Mix, Canola Oil

Baking Powder,  Baking Soda

Salt & Pepper, Chili Powder

Cinnamon, Sugar


Pasta Products:

Spaghetti, Elbow Macaroni,

Macaroni and Cheese


Fruits /  Vegetables:

Variety of Canned Fruit

Variety of Canned Vegetables

Canned Potatoes / Sweet Potatoes

Dried Fruits and Vegetables


Canned Tomato Products:

Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, 

Stewed Tomatoes



Canned and Dried

Kidney, Pinto, Navy Beans



Variety of Boxed Breakfast Cereals,  Oatmeal



Bags of Rice, Instant Mashed Potatoes

Nuts, Peanut Butter, Jelly / Jam

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Apple, Grapefruit, or Grape Juice

Coffee and Tea

Powdered Milk, Evaporated Milk

Paper / Cleaning Products

Toilet Paper

Sanitary Napkins



Laundry Soap, Bleach

Ivory Soap

Shampoo & Conditioner


Wal-Mart Gift Cards

To purchase much needed fresh

meats,  fruits, and vegetables





You can drop off your donations

during the Museum’s regular business hours  Friday through Sunday, from

12 Noon to 4 pm,  or during any of our yearly Festivals or special events.


Monetary donations are accepted through             PayPal





Or, by check made payable to 

Museum of Indian Culture -

Three Sisters Harvest and mailed to:


Museum of Indian Culture

2825 Fish Hatchery Road

Allentown, PA 18103.  


Wal-Mart gift cards should also be mailed to the above address. 



We thank you for your generous donation!


When donating food items, please make sure that dates are not expired and have at least a 3 month shelf life.  Please make sure that all food items are properly sealed.  Although we appreciate all donations, we cannot accept perishable food items such as bread, fresh meats and vegetables, dessert items, etc.  We thank you for your kind cooperation.

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