Meet our Staff


Our dedicated volunteer staff is committed to making the Museum of Indian Culture a model standard for Native American education in eastern Pennsylvania, and ensuring that your visit to the museum is engaging, educational, and rewarding.


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Pat Rivera
Executive Director

Pat Rivera has been the executive director for the Museum of Indian Culture since 2003.  She is experienced in banking and finance, event planning, and small business development. She is currently serving as the museum's interim treasurer.

Wesley Dunn
Vice President;
Facilities & Education Department Head

Wesley Dunn has been an intricate part of the museum since 2000.   Wesley is responsible for the daily facility operations of the museum. He currently serves as head docent and tour guide trainer, as well as our educational programs director. Wesley has a B.S. in Psychology from DeSales University.

Katelyn Lucas
Delaware Nation Historic Preservation Assistant;
Director of Academic Engagement

Katelyn Lucas has been involved with the museum since 2016. She is currently a Ph.D. student at Temple University studying Early American and Native American literature. She has an M.A. in English with an interdisciplinary focus in Native American Studies from West Chester University. She also has additional work experience with collections management and museum education. She manages Delaware Nation's Historic Preservation Office at the museum, in addition to developing the museum's internship program and assisting with other operations. 

Tavia Minnich
Public Relations
Department Head

Tavia Minnich has been with the museum for a number of years, assisting with general operations and a variety of special projects. She now serves as our public relations department head, bringing her extensive experience in administration, public relations, and community outreach to the museum.

Ted Chiaparas

Ted Chiaparas has been involved with the museum for many years, and became President of the Museum of Indian Culture in 2020. He has a B.S. in Management and Marketing from The Pennsylvania State University. He brings his years of business, community outreach, and special projects management experience to the museum, and currently heads our marketing and fundraising departments.

Vicky Schenandoah
Vice President;
Native American Educational Advisory Board

Vicky Schenandoah has been the vice president of educational programming for the museum since 2014. She has been on the museum's Native American educational advisory board since 2003. For over 30 years, Vicky has provided education on cultural heritage preservation, dispelling stereotypes and misinformation about Native peoples.

Lee Hallman

Lee Hallman has been the curator for the museum since 2006.  He specializes in prehistoric Native American artifacts. For over 50 years, Lee has provided extensive archaeological services in Pennsylvania for the State Museum, Bureau of Historic Preservation, and U.S. Department

of Agriculture, conducting over 112 Phase 1 archaeological surveys of possible important prehistoric sites.

Katie Weber
Assistant Curator;
Membership Services

Katie Weber has been with the Museum of Indian Culture since 2015. She studied anthropology with a focus on North American Indigenous Peoples at Penn State University.