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It is important to acknowledge that what we know today as Pennsylvania has been part of the Lenape's ancestral homelands since time immemorial. The museum is situated on the beautiful Little Lehigh Parkway, which was an old Lenape trail called the Oley Path. The name "Oley" is believed to be derived from the Lenape word "Olink," which they used to refer to the region as "place surrounded with hills." We encourage visitors to reflect on the history of this land and its Indigenous peoples, and remember that they are still here today, as they enjoy the museum and the parkway. The parkway offers additional activities including walking or running the nature trails, bike riding, fishing, birdwatching, or enjoying a peaceful picnic lunch. 

Lenape Trail Re-dedication

The Lenape Trail Re-dedication began with a historic flag raising

On May 13, 2022, For the first time in the City's history, the Delaware Nation flag was raised at City Hall!   The Delaware (Lenape) Nation, is one of the oldest known nations in North America. Before Allentown was founded in 1762, the Lenape people inhabited this area and continue to make lasting impacts   on our society.  May 13  was also declared Delaware Nation Day in  the city.

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The re-dedication of the Lenape Trail is the first phase of a historic redevelopment project.  ​The City of Allentown, Museum of Indian Culture, and members of the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma are redeveloping it to bring more focus to the contributions of the Lenape people, right here in Pennsylvania.  For more info please click here

The ceremony began with history of the trail and importance of the Lenape people and their long lasting contributions to our community.  There was then an unveiling of a new digital “Tour and Explore” experience located throughout the trail which features 10-year-old Molly Mabray, an Alaska Native from the PBS KIDS program MOLLY OF DENALI®.


The event closed with a Lenape tree planting ceremony.

After the formalities, the celebration continued with outdoor activities and cultural demonstrations that included Woodland artifacts displays, Lenape family life, cooking techniques, hunting practices and animal pelts display, basket making, tomahawk and atlatl throwing, and a child’s activity area where children played Lenape games and made a ‘wampum’ bracelet. 

We welcome families to enjoy a walk in the Little Lehigh Parkway and explore the Lenape Trail. The Museum of Indian Culture and PBS39 encourages all families to explore the trail throughout the summer and scan the codes you find along the way for more free, online fun!

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