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Virtual Learning with the Museum of Indian Culture

The Museum of Indian Culture is now offering virtual educational programs, lectures, internships, and hands-on activities to complete from your own learning environment! 


Our virtual educational programming on Native American history 

                 and cultures is geared to assist academic institutions and                families in supplementing their students' curriculum. 

  We have a variety of supplemental educational

offerings for virtual formats.

Educational Programming

The museum has always offered a diverse range of in person and hands-on educational programming on a variety of topics related to Native American history and cultures, such as: Northeastern Woodland history, Native American tools and lifeways, and storytelling. We are happy to announce that we will now be able to offer adaptations of most of our original programs for online learning environments, in a live-stream virtual classroom format. Please CLICK HERE for pricing and more details.


Lectures and Guest Speakers

In addition to our educational programs, the museum can also offer lectures and guest speakers for adults and college level learners in virtual formats. Museum staff and Indigenous speakers can be available upon request for guest speaker events on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: Lenape history and cultures today; museum studies and public history; local PA history and treaties; basics of public policy and Native Americans (federal recognition, sovereignty, NAGPRA, etc.); and Native American Literature.

camping and wedimgs 393.jpg

Jack Johnson

Delaware Nation

Guest Speaker at Northampton County  Community College


Native American Craft Kits

The museum is now selling educational Native American craft kits both in person in the museum's Turtle Island Gift Shop, as well as online through the gift shop page on our website. These kits are supplementary educational tools allowing families to provide their children with hands-on activities to engage in learning about Native American cultures from the safety of their own homes. Currently, we have kits to make corn husk dolls; gourd rattles; sand art; and dreamcatchers. Each kit includes all of the materials you will need to complete the craft, instructions and demonstration pictures, and an educational story to teach you about the history and cultural significance of each craft. 

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