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Lenape Village Park and Trail

Fundraising:  To Build A Village   




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In partnership with the City of Allentown, Parks and Recreation, the museum is looking to raise $800,000 for a multi-phase project to          re-create a three-quarter acre historic living Lenape Village within the Lehigh Parkway, rebranding our location, Lenape Village Park and Trail, as a historic destination.   We hope to begin building the Lenape Village by Fall 2022.

 We are currently accepting donations and offering sponsorship opportunities to fund the recreation of a historically accurate Lenape Village on the grounds of the museum in the Little Lehigh Parkway.    This Village will provide an unique experience for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in Lenape Life at the time of early European contact in eastern Pennsylvania. The village will include a wigwam, a lodgehouse, hunting and cooking stations, and other village activities such as a Three Sisters Garden, making a dugout canoe,  basketmaking and firemaking.   Private educational programs will also be offered with seasonal hands-on activities. 

Together we can Build A Village and bring this ancient story to life.  


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  Pat Rivera, Director

  (610) 797-2121 

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